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January Book Haul/Mail

The month of January was full of receiving/buying books. I may not have read a lot, but I gained more for my ever growing TBR.

These were sent to me from Forever and Between the Chapters. I’m excited about the Annie Rains book. I enjoy her books a lot!

I jumped on the Crave wagon. I have heard a lot of hype for this book, especially on Booktok. I bought the first one and then went back for the second. You know, just in case I really like the first one and want to dive into the second book. I’m also excited about Shine. I mean, hello! The author is Jessica. SNSD, Girls Generation. Yes, I’m a Kpop fan. Have been since 2008 (Thank you Super Junior for sucking me into the awesome music)!

I feel pretty good about my haul, I just hope I can get to these books. The illness I caught earlier this month definitely set me back with reading :/ I’m all better now and already reading again.

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